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You can build just anything in minutes.
Simply choose pre-defined blocks and go explore in a variety of combinations.

Ready-to-go Designs

We craft Uber
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12+ Block types

At this phase, we round up typical blocks that Uber has to offer. Each block type comes with multiple styles.


Flexible customisation

Each block has its own less file, so you have full control to define your own class and style.


Content creator friendly

Completely separate content & design. No longer mixing HTML syntax embedded inside articles.

Next cool things

Allow us to dig deeper into the modular block approach which eases our page management efforts.


Quick Snapshot

  • 6+ hero blocks
  • 7+ testimonials
  • 3+ CTA
  • 5+ galleries
  • 7+ slideshows
  • 3+ pricing

Quite amazing with Uber, it helps me kick start my first site design so easily

At the first glance, I tried Uber to get a quick mockup to see all possible content structures and navigation organisation. Through every step I explore, I soon find the way ACM module works very striking. It gives an cool example how efficient modular design appears to be.

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